piggy®Shape Manipulator

Technical data:

Maximum working load: 1,500 kg
Dimensions of the upper platform: 496 mm wide x 496 mm long.
Table height: 800 mm. Length of the table: 1300 mm.
One platform fixed, the other movable in the X axis.
Both platforms can be rotated 360°.
Position of both plates can be locked every 90°.
Brake for movement in the end position.
Handles for easier handling.
Table top with oil-resistant rubber for storing tools during mold maintenance.
Bumper for the drive platform.

Complete with hydraulic system to support the opening and closing of injection molds. Consisting of: Double-sided hydraulic hand pump, hydraulic cylinder, pressure gauge for measuring the pressure in the system and hydraulic hose lines.
Includes 2 x set of brackets.

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The mold manipulator in the piggyshop call up

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