Pictures say more than a thousand words. That’s why we offer a wide range of videos on drives, lapping and polishing, laser marking, welding, workstation and cobots. There you will find videos about our common equipment, tools and supplies.

our subject areas:

Drives videos

piggySonic® Mark 3 - Part 2 - The large handpiece

This video introduces the large ultrasound handpiece. This has even more power than the conventional handpiece. The large ultrasonic handpiece offers a full 50 watts and an anti-twist protection for easy tool change. Ideal in combination with the turbo function of the piggySonic® Mark 3 

Universal drive motor K18

Small, compact and powerful. The combination holder allows the motor to be placed on the workbench, hung up or very easily carried to another workstation.

Drive machine SMV511

Thick shaft with thick handpiece, a proper tool and off you go. 15,000 min-1 maximum at 1.1 kW are on. If this is not enough, the engine can also have power up to 4.0 kW. The shafts are available in different lengths and diameters.

piggy®Power 2drives - grinding, polishing, deburring

The system has everything you expect: a stylish, robust control unit with intelligent functions. Brushless motors with a fast 50,000 min-1 and a fabulous 230 watts of power. Motors with carbon brushes and grease 100 watts and robust angle heads.

Workplace videos

Surface roughness meter - Litesurf

If you need to know exactly what the quality of the initial surface or even the finished surface is, then you need a roughness tester. We have now found a model that can not only measure, but also transmit the results to your computer via Bluetooth. The included software shows you the results as numerical values and also graphically. You can save this, print it and/or forward it by mail.

piggy®Shapes Manipulator

Heavy shapes are not so easy to handle. It can be particularly difficult when the mold comes out of the machine for maintenance and has to be opened. Then, if you have our piggy® mold manipulator, opening a mold is a snap. The opened mold can be swiveled and you immediately have a convenient position for your maintenance work. (e.g. repair welding with piggyWelder®, reworking with piggySonic®. . . .) The model shown is intended for molds up to 1.5 t.

Ultrasonic cutting with the piggy®Cutter

With ultrasound, you can cut a wide variety of materials quickly and precisely, for example sprues from injection molded parts. For automated processes, the combination with a cobot is a very interesting solution.

Carbide coating with Tucadur 2020

Carbide coating of critical areas in your mold, on tools or on wear parts, significantly improves tool life. Carbide coating of smooth surfaces creates a structure that ensures much higher adhesion.

The preselected layer thickness cannot be exceeded, since material absorption no longer takes place when saturation is reached. The selected layer thickness is so precise that it does not normally require any mechanical finishing. However, it can be lapped and polished if necessary.

Rotating and pivoting device

The device is mounted on a steel plate 220 x 220 x 8 mm, which has 5 felt feet on the bottom to avoid scratches. The three-jaw chuck is mounted on a 150 x 100 x 20 mm plate for easy rotation and can be locked in any position with a beautifully crafted brass locking brake. The whole thing can be swiveled continuously from 0 to 90 degrees. Of course, this function is also locked by a simple but effective linkage.

The piggy®Rocker - turn-swivel device

This thing is versatile. When welding with the piggyWelder® or with a laser or when polishing round parts and when engraving. With the three-jaw chuck, you clamp the workpiece and swivel it as desired between 30 and 180 degrees. The three-jaw chuck is rotatable and lockable.

The piggyRocker 1 - Rotating-Pivoting Device

In practice, you are repeatedly faced with the problem that the workpiece is not in the optimum machining position. With the handy crank you swivel very precisely into the desired position, which is reliably held by the self-locking gear.

The screw pliers

These pliers are a tool you have always been waiting for. With these pliers you can easily remove damaged or broken screws in no time. Due to the 22° beveled pliers head, the pliers lie flat and you can powerfully hold and turn the screw with the forged pliers jaws. From M2 to M8

piggy®Silicone - Checking slots quickly and easily

piggy®Silicone is a high-precision silicone impression material that was originally developed for criminal investigation forensics. piggy®Silicone reproduces the surface so finely that you can still find the smallest defects under the microscope.

With this material, you have a great inspection tool to determine if even the most difficult areas of the mold have been machined correctly before sampling.

Cobots videos

piggy®Cobot and laser marker are a good team

In this video we mark flasks 25th anniversary of piggy banks. And each flask receives an individual mark.

Pick and place with the piggy®Cobot

Using several examples, we will show you how you can pick up and place your products quickly and easily with the piggy®Cobot. A cobot can also be delicate without damaging food. Smooth surfaces can also be lifted with suction cups. You can see all this in this video.

Ultrasonic cutting with the piggy®Cobot

In this video we show you 2 ways how you can cut with the piggy®Cobot fast and easy with ultrasound. Our cobot easily cuts a foil and then it cuts out a shoe sole using a CAD file.

Cobot - piggy®Cobot deburred and laser marked

See the piggy®Cobot in action: A robot that deburrs and laser marks. We will show you what possibilities a cobot can offer in practical work via automation.

Lapping and polishing videos

Polishing with the piggy®Cobot

In this video we polish the workpiece completely with the piggy®Cobot. First, the Cobot works with easyLap grit 600. The process runs very smoothly thanks to Cobot. After that, we work with a Kemet® Composite material and diamond paste. Finally, the cobot polishes the workpiece with a felt. The finish is done with a horsehair brush.

The small 90° angle handpiece

With this small, practical angle head, Made in Germany, you can get into difficult contours and still work powerfully.

The 90° angle head is simply screwed onto the BM50 brushless micromotor and you are ready to go. The angle head is equipped with a Ø 3 mm collet as standard. A Ø 2.35 mm collet is also available as an option. The tool change is easy thanks to the handy counter wrench.

The raw material for the production of the Super Stones is no longer produced. That is why a new generation of ceramic fibers has been developed for use in the new SuperStones. The new fibers have a better grip and therefore produce visibly more stock removal. With grit 80 you remove erosion skin very quickly and effectively. See it for yourself in this video.

The new type of compressed air hand filers with linear or swing movement.


The problem solver for lapping and polishing problem steels. speedLap is a relatively hard carrier material made from a mixture of metals and plastic. With speedLap you avoid washouts or scaling and cracks in the surface. You get perfect results when you use speedLap with the Kemet® diamond paste SpeedPolish.

The Cristone®Crystal Fiber Stones, are the sensational further development of the well-known ceramic fiber files.

The special thing about these files is: 1. they are extremely stable. The flexural strength is up to 200% better. 2. material removal is up to 50% higher: simply halve your machining times. 3. the surfaces become much finer.

Conical, with thin tip, long Coating and stiff. Well suited for precise work. With all these good properties, the slotted files are extremely inexpensive.

The filing machines work on a simple but very effective principle. 2 springs tensioned in opposite directions are tensioned and released by compressed air. This results in a very smooth, low-vibration movement.

These things look a bit clunky, but they’re really not. The running smoothness is simply sensational, the air consumption is extremely low and the service life is outstanding.

Laser Marking Videos

Laser marking at the piggy banks

So mark the piggy banks quickly and easily. We mark our logo with complete address in just 30 seconds. This is fast and uncomplicated.

piggy®Goliath laser marker

In this video you can see our giant piggyGoliath laser marker. It has 3 motorized axes and has a maximum marking area of 700×700 mm. The maximum marking height is 300 mm. This allows you to mark different components with different heights one after the other.

Mark plastic with UV laser

In this video you can see our newly arrived UV laser marker in action. With it, you mark plastics in seconds. The interesting thing is the color change in plastics. See for yourself with this video.

Automated laser marking

A piggy®Cobot and a piggy®Lasermarker make a super team. This allows you to laser mark fully automatically. Simple, fast and uncomplicated. See for yourself with this video.

The 3D piggyLaser marker

Standard LaserMarkers are limited to flat surfaces. The 2D lens systems achieve good quality when the workpiece surface is flat and symmetrical to the lens. The height differences here may only be 1-2 mm. The solution for these tasks is the piggy®LaserMarker 3D.

On your workpiece, you will see a red-framed rectangle that corresponds to the desired size of your design. Place the workpiece. Then press the button or even better the foot switch and whoosh, the mark is done. If you want the mark to be a little deeper, set the repeat rate in the software, and a few more washes, and that’s done, too.

Mobile piggy®LaserMarker - marking like the pros

Whenever greater flexibility is required, it makes sense to use an open LaserMarker. You have far fewer restrictions here in terms of workpiece size. In addition, you can swivel the LaserMarker head as desired, making markings on vertical surfaces, for example, feasible.

The fascinating thing about laser marking is its simplicity. You design in the software what and how should be displayed and determine the size. On your workpiece, you will see a red-framed rectangle that corresponds to the desired size of your design. Place the workpiece so that the result becomes optimal. Then press the button and whoosh, the marker is ready.

Welding videos

Laser welding with the Eco Laser

See how precisely we laser weld with the Eco Laser. And be impressed by the clouds of smoke in slow motion. 

Problems in production

In this video, Lego Stopmotion shows you the advantages of a piggyWelder®. shown. Afterwards we show the piggyWelder® in use on a mold. And, of course, the welded-on material is also worked off.

The holder of the laser wire holder

Isn’t that genius? We have a holder for the laser wire holder. This may sound a little crazy, but it makes sense. Find out why in the video.

Maintenance with the piggyWelder®

Our expert Martin Schriever impressively demonstrates how to use the piggyWelder® restores a mold. First, the piggyWelder® is welded on and then the material is worked off with ultrasound.

With your own piggyWelder® you can react immediately. They weld precisely with excellent quality. Without long transport or long waiting times. See in this video what you can weld with the piggyWelder®.

Pinning, welding, machining

It has always been easy to weld quickly with a piggyWelder®. With the brand new piggyWelder® 3 Power+, it’s now even faster and even easier. And more powerful than ever before.

With your own piggyWelder® you can react immediately. They weld precisely with excellent quality. Without long transport or long waiting times. And the new piggyWelder® now has even more power than previous models. See for yourself.

Microspot welding with piggy®View 1

We know from our piggyWelder® how ideal it is to microweld with a microscope. Now we finally have a microscope with shutter in our program that works independently of the control unit. For example, this allows you to weld with Microspot. 

A damaged mold can be a big problem. Especially if you are stressed and not paying attention to the speed limit. This can be expensive and even cost you your driver’s license. This is also what happens to Siggi in our short intro. With a piggyWelder® you do not have such problems.

piggyWelder® welds steel, aluminum and bronze

With the piggyWelder® you can weld steels, copper, bronze and even aluminum without any problems. And for that we offer you a funny intro in this video.

piggyWelder® 3 power - Part 1

With your own piggyWelder® you can react immediately. They weld precisely with excellent quality. Without long transport or long waiting times. With the piggyWelder® 3 power, precision welding can be real fun. More power, even easier operation and other great features.

Aluminum TIG welding with the piggyWelder®.

You can easily weld aluminum with the piggyWelder®, see for yourself. The piggyWelder® 2 power shown in the video is no longer available. The current version is the piggyWelder® 3 power plus.

Videos about our seminars

Distance learning course: Modern ways to high gloss polishing

This new distance learning course is based on our popular seminar “Modern Ways to High Gloss Polishing”. We developed this course from our reference book of the same name. In the video you will learn the process of the distance learning course.

Mold polishing explained quickly and easily

Quickly and easily, we explain the basics of mold polishing with the help of a whiteboard animation. We show the use of ultrasound, easyLap, diamond paste, polishing felts and absorbent cotton.

Seminar: Modern ways to high gloss polishing

From our technical book “Modern Ways to High Gloss Polishing” we have developed a new type of seminar. In 2 intensive and instructive days we show and practice with you in the practical part:

1. removing the hard erosion structure – working with polishing stones grit 220 to 600, 2. the line polishing, 3. 6 μm diamond polish with speedLap, 4. 3 μm diamond polish with hard and soft support, 5. 1 μm high-gloss polish with polishing felt and polishing wadding

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