With our seminars we support you in the area of polishing with our knowledge and experience. Our seminars are held regularly in our seminar rooms in Bergisch Gladbach. In addition we offer annual seminars in Roggenburg, Hof, Würzburg and Villingen-Schwenningen. Alternatively, depending on the circumstances, it is also possible to hold a seminar in your place.
We currently have two different seminars in our portfolio:

The seminar - Modern Methods for Mirror Polishing:

We have developed a new type of seminar from our technical book “Modern Methods for Mirror Polishing”. In 2 intensive and instructive days we show and practice with you in the practical part:

– Removing the hard erosion structure

– Working with polishing stones grain 220 to 600

– The line polishing

– 6 µm diamond polish with easyLap

– 3 µm diamond polish with hard and soft carrier

– 1 µm high-gloss polish with polishing felt and polishing absorbent cotton

At 1st day we start with about 3 hours introduction to polishing technique and see what we are talking about in short video clips. (Don’t worry, the theoretical part will be presented to you in a clear and easy to understand way). This is followed by the practical part with short breaks for theory and discussions. We would like to achieve with you that at the end of the 2. day have finished the mold, that is, with 400 and 600 line polish, 6 µm, 3 µm and 1 µm high gloss.
These two days will give you a good foundation for working on your polishing tasks. The seminar is based on our book “Modern Ways to High Gloss Polishing”, which you will receive at the end of the seminar. So you have a well-founded reference book and are equipped for almost all tasks. You can take your finished form with you at the end of the seminar and use it to make a big impression on your colleagues.


Your trainer Martin Schriever

Over the past 30 years, Martin Schriever has worked at
polished by various professional polishers just about everything that is available in the market.
moldmaking and tooling industry. 3 years he worked in Mexico as
Independent contractor in the automotive sector in maintenance.

Martin Schriever
Tel.: 02204 – 30 66 12

The Seminar: Welding & Re-polishing

The same questions come up again and again:
"How can we repair our molds properly?"
"How will the repaired areas be refurbished?"
You will get the answers to these questions in our seminar: Welding and repolishing.
On this day we will deal with micro welding. Refresh and supplement our theoretical polishing knowledge and make a plan how we can repair the damage and polish it up again. We have prepared a polished mold for each participant with a damage. During the practical part you will micro-weld the damage and then polish up again according to our plan.

1. Damage on a surface

2. Welded damage

3. Processed welding spots

4. Finished polished surface

Online distance learning course: Modern ways to high gloss polishing

Distance learning courses became famous the last years, this one offers you new, exciting opportunities: You participate as it suits you, receive the complete course in video lessons online for your personal use and get a suitcase with everything you need to succeed. You save the time for driving and the costs for overnight stays.
And. Your trainer – Martin Schriever – is always available to help you online or by phone.

Is this something for you ?
I will be happy to send you detailed information.
Phone: 0 22 04 – 30 66 0 or write us at


Seminar dates

Seminar schedule 2024 in Bergisch Gladbach

Modern Methods for Mirror Polishing

Welding and repolishing

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20./21. Feb.
12./13. March
16./17. Apr.
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19./20. Nov.
10./11. Dec.
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12. Dec.

Semi-annual plan 2024 off-site


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