Seminars at the piggys

Seminar – Modern methods for mirror polishing

We have developed an innovative seminar based on our textbook “Modern methods for mirror polishing” .
Over 2 intensive and informative days, we show you and do exercises with you in the practical part:
• Removal of the hard erosion skin
• Working with polishing stones grit size 220 to 600
• Single-direction polishing
• 6 µm diamond polish with easyLap
• 3 µm diamond polish with hard and soft carrier
• 1 µm mirror finish with polishing felt and polishing wool


The ones with the Piggybank offer you an interesting seminar. On the 1st day we start with about 3 hours introduction into polishing techniques and watch in short video clips what we are talking about. (Never fear, the theoretical part is presented visually and in a readily understandable way.) This is followed by the practical part with short breaks for theory and discussions.
We would like to get you to have finished processing the mould at the end of the 2nd day, i.e. with 400 and 600 unidirectional polishing, 6 ?m, 3 ?m and 1 ?m mirror finish. You will receive over these two days a sound foundation for processing your polishing tasks. The seminar is based
on our book “Modern methods for mirror polishing” which you will receive at the end of the seminar. You will therefore have a sound reference work and will be equipped for almost all tasks.
You can take your finished mould with you at the end of the seminar and impress your colleagues.

One of these 6 workstations could be yours. Each polishing station is equipped with a magnifying light, 1 piggySonic® ultrasonic system complete with an ultrasonic handpiece, 1 filing machine and a brushless Power-Motor with an angle head for polishing. These are joined by a ball-joint vice and cleaning products, etc.


Seminar: Welding & polishing

The same questions, over and over again:

  • How can we repair our molds professionally?
  • How to polish up the required spots again?

You can receive the answers to these questions in our new seminar: WELDING & POLISHING

During this day:

  • We will deal with micro-welding
  • Renew and advance our theoretical knowledge of polishing
  • Draw up a plan of how to repair and re-polish the damage

We have prepared a polished mold with a defect for each participant.
In the practical part of the seminar, you will:

  • Micro-weld the damage
  • Polish up the mould according to our developed plan

Seminar dates


Please check the german site for the seminar dates in german language. If you need a seminar in an other language please contact us or give us a call: +49 2204 – 30 66 0.