piggySonic® Mark 3 – 3 in 1 control unit

piggySonic® Mark 3 super package

1. Ultrasonic polishing system

piggySonic® Mark 3 works with the latest ultrasonic technology. While holding the hand piece you will notice its outstanding qualities immediately. It is extremely handy, the cable is thin and flexible and the holders are worked neatly.
Switch on the control unit, it will search for the optimal frequency, now adjust the output and off you go.

In practice the combination of ceramic-fibre file and ultrasonic-system is unbeatable. This combination allows you to remove the hard erosion skin rapidly and cleanly. You will achieve a perfect initial area for following processing steps.

2. Brushless micromotors with up to 300 watts

The new piggySonic® Mark 3 works with a brushless micromotor up to 300 watts. This allows you to grind an polish powerfully. It doesn’t stop there:

The 300-watts output is available in three speed ranges:
1.000 up to 15.000 rpm
15.000 up to 30.000 rpm
30.000 up to 50.000 rpm

You select the appropriate speed range depending on the tool size and task, so you can be sure to work under ideal conditions.

Select the “brushless” output. For your safety and the safety of others around you the control unit will set the starting speed to zero. That makes sure that you will not start with excessive speed.

Adjust the desired speed range; now adjust the speed you will need, it is simultaneously shown on the display all the time. Thanks to the control electronics the speed is kept constant.

You can attach various heads to these micromotors.

3. PowerHand motors with brush

The PowerHand series offers you a complete micromotor system: angle heads, swingHandy with horizontal stroke, two filing machines and a belt grinder.

All you need – in only one control unit. So you will save space, improve your order and also save a lot of money.

Although the piggySonic® Mark 3 offers more possibilities, than all the other system, you can get it for a sensational price.

For further information, watch our video:

To take advantage of all possibilities, we recommend the piggySonic® Mark 3 super package.

1. piggySonic® Mark 3 super package includes:

1.1 control unit with ultrasonic handpiece small
with LED-light and tripod, each 1 holder flat 1.1 and 3.1 mm, round Ø 3.00 mm, foot switch, key set, handpiece rest, adapter M6 for Ultraform holders and tools

1.2 Brushless micromotor
with 300 watts, speed from 1,000 to 50,000 rpm and straight rapid chuck handpiece, collet 3.00 mm

1.3 Filing and polishing device RE 55
tool receptacle: 6.35 mm, stroke length: 0 – 2 mm continuously variable, no. of strokes: 700 – 7,000 rpm

2. piggy®Cabinet
The perfect rack for handpieces and filing machines

3. Angle head 90 degree
with rapid chuck system, extra strong cog wheels and the robust bearing for a long lifetime, collet 3 mm.

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