piggy®Power 2drives – control unit

piggypower 2drives

The system has everything you expect:

  • An elegant, robust control unit with intelligent functions.
  • Brushless motors with fast 50,000 rpm and incredible 230-watt output
  • Motors with carbon brushes and 100 watts.
  • Robust angle heads.

A well-designed and practical control unit with one connection for a brushless micromotor and one connection for a conventional motor with carbon brushes.
You can simply switch between the connected devices, change the running direction, adjust the rotation speed and connect a foot switch.
The current rotation speed is clearly shown on the display. The control unit is very robust, has a practical carrying handle and a transparent holder for a micromotor.

The devices are simply controlled by the switches at the front side. For a simple visual control, the display has a color code. Green for a motor with carbon brushes and orange for micromotors without carbon brushes. The connection for the motor with carbon brushes is located at the front of the control unit, so it is possible to work with angle heads or the ReciproHandy filing machine.

piggyPower 2drives Set1

Starter piggy®Power 2drives
micromotor system, consisting of control unit, micromotor with rapid-chuck handpiece with collet Ø 3 mm and foot switch, handpiece rest


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