Kemet® Diamond compound

Kemet diamond-compound is available in 5, 10 and 20 gramm applicators. The compound will be injected by the applicator very accurately; it helps to work exact and saving. It also avoids the waste of diamond compound. Control and assurance of quality is very important to Kemet, only carefully selected diamonds with exactly defined attributes are used for the diamond compounds.


  1. Consistent quality owing to a unique manufacturing (ISO 9002)
  2. Quality control by microscope monitoring leads to a precise and very fine surface
  3. Time saving and economic advantages. The custom-engineered compound guarantees, that the diamonds are always equally disposed. That ensures that the diamonds can cut and polish with the highest effect at any time.
  4. Varied solvent: Kemet diamond compound can be used with oil and water soluble fluid.
  5. Kemet diamond compound contains mainly herbal and non-dangerous substances.


description heat-resistance concentration
Polypolish Diamond compound for extremly fine surfaces and high material removal. 4/5 5/5
HeatPolish Extremely heat resistant for working in the hot mold. 10/5 5/5
Speed Polish Modern mixture of highly effective diamonds. Very high concentrated. Just the right compound for speed Lap tools. You will save a lot of time with this compound 5/5 5/5
SX – Paste Very creamy, very high concentrated, good price-performance ratio 4/5 4/5
X – Paste High concentration in a modern cream 4/5 3/5
The classics
KD – Paste The universal compound. Oil and water soluble. Low rate of consumption, for fine surfaces with high removal. 3/5 3/5
OS – Paste Is mainly used for hard steels, ceramics and hard metal 2/5 3/5
L – Paste The special compound for hard metals and materials 2/5 3/5
Sparpaste The saving solution for general polishing tasks 2/5 3/5
The extraordinary
XN-L2 – Paste Very fine nature diamonds, highly concentrated. Nature diamonds break faster than synthetic diamonds, that way you will get a finer surface in less time. 2/5 3/5

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