Flexible shaft

Flexible shaft and spare parts.

Flexible shaft systems are grinding- and polishing tools which provide highest torques even with low rotational speed.
The heart of this system is the flexible shaft, it transmits the enormous power of the hanging motor to the handpiece.
They are very robust and with various handpieces to choose perfect for multipurpose use.
These machines are still part of the basic equipment for a polishing-workspace. The handpieces can clamp tools with a shank-diameter from 1 to 6 mm very easily. The capacity is also sufficient for working with grinding discs up to a diameter of 60 mm.
A good flexible shaft has a highly flexible shaft core and a multiple bearing. The speed is controlled by a foot switch which is continuously adjustable.
You will find a wide range of motor systems, flexible shafts and suitable handpieces in our shop.
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